The Echuca Aboriginal Co-operative was established by the hard work and political efforts of many of our Elders who saw a need for a community controlled organisation to run culturally appropriate services. We first set up the Echuca Aboriginal Co-operative in the Milewa Chambers in 1974, in 1990 the name was changed to the Njernda Aboriginal Corporation, Njernda means ”to know our living culture” in the Wemba Wemba language of northern Victoria, Southern NSW. Like many other Aboriginal co-operatives across Australia, we believe in a holistic view of health that recognises the inter-connectedness of body, mind and spirit… not just of the individual but of their family and the community. This means we work across a range of program areas including housing, employment, cultural heritage, education, child care and health.

Introducing Njernda Aboriginal Corporation’s Board Members and Members of Staff.

Each year 7 Board Members are selected, our current boards Members are:

  • Kevin Williams ~ Chairperson
  • Teresa Edwards
  • Gordon Johnson
  • Baymos Handy
  • Lee Wanganeen
  • Sonia McLaughlin
  • Vera Cooper

Staff Members



Anne Munzel – Practice Manager

Diana Stephenson – Finance /Corporate Manager

Hazel Hudson – Family Services Manager

John Mitchell – Deputy C.E.O

Karlene Dwyer – Chief Executive Officer

Keith Hearn - Baroona Manager

Kristie Hearn – Executive Assistant

Leona Cooper – Berrimba Childcare Coordinator

Njernda Administration Staff

David Wain - IT Support Worker

Diana Stephenson – Finance/Corporate Manager

Janelle Handy – Accounts Payable

Kyle Egan – Junior Finance Assistant

Lyn Hearn – Payroll Officer

Merinda Nikkleson - Finance Assistant

Njernda Medical Centre Staff

Anne Munzel – Practice Manager

Baymos Handy - Drug & Alcohol Worker

Bec Tracey – Aboriginal Health Worker

Bradley McGrath – Medical Driver

Garry Giles – Aboriginal Health Worker

Jennine Atkinson - Dual Diagnosis Worker

Jenny Brown – Child Maternal Health

Judith Murray – Quality Improvement Worker

Kelli Bartlett - Health Promotion

Kim Warde – Midwife

Maria Isgro – Medical Receptionist

Megan Black – Receptionist

Trish Ebert – Midwife

Vivien Giles – Trainee Health Worker

SAAP Program

Alva Connelly – SAAP/Crisis Worker

HACC Program

Brenda Fehring - Program Support Worker

Janice Day – HACC Worker

Karlisha Egan - NDSI/ECEI Worker

Robert Russell – ABI/HACC Worker

Vicki Walker – Regional HACC Worker

General Practitioners

Dr Alfred Song (Male) - GP, Emergency Medicine

Dr Jerry Wong (Male) - Obstetrics

Dr Muhammed Shihab (Male) -- Obstetrics

Dr Sujay Chandraiah (Male)

Njernda Family Services Staff

Alex Christian - Family Service Team Leader

Alkina Edwards – Intake & Assessment Worker

Charmaine Anton - Placement Support Team Leader

Corey Wanganeen – Community Justice Worker

Hazel Hudson – Family Service Manager

Jennifer Mitchell - Foster Care Recruitment Worker

Kylie Russell – Family Service Worker

Melinda Wallace - Family Service Worker

Merring-Jippa Murray - Kinship Care/Case Contracting Worker

Nolita Edwards - Family Violence Project Worker

Rhonda Ronnan – Kinship Care Worker

Sheadeen Hearn – Out of Home Care Worker - Maternity Leave

Tegan Wanganeen – Youth Justice Worker

Vicki Mitchell – AFLDM Worker

Wade Austin – Koori Kids Engagement Worker

Yakapna Healing Centre

Cheryl Taylor – Yakapna Support Worker

Denise Williams - Yakapna Support Worker

Gail Hearn – Yakapna Support Worker

Jill Holman - Yakapna Support Worker

Paula Thomas – Support Worker

Shelley Atkinson – Yakapna Support Worker

Simone Ronnan – Yakapna Manager

Stacey Johnson - Yakapna Support Worker

Njernda Mental Health Unit

Gilbert Wanganeen – Social, Emotional Wellbeing Worker

Baroona Healing Centre Staff

Adam Kissell - Community Support Worker

Boyden Johnson - Social Community Service Worker

Brodie Dorgan – Social Community Service Worker

Brody Atkinson – Social Community Service Worker

Darcy Ronnan – Social Community Service Worker

Keith Hearn - Baroona Manager

Mark Colville – Social Community Service Worker

Noel Scott - Social Community Service Worker

Rick Ronnan Jnr – Social Community Service Worker

Uncle Des Morgan - Social Community Service Worker

Njernda Cleaning Staff

Megan Andrews – Cleaner

Stuart Hearn - Berrimba Cleaner

Trish McGrath – Njernda Medical

Njernda Maintenance Staff

Hayden Johnson - Maintenance Worker

Berrimba Childcare Staff

Amba Rhind - Kindergarten Teacher

Casey McHale ~ Lead Educator Babies

Cath Andrews ~ Lead Educator 3-5yrs

Colleen Day ~ Cradle to Kinder

Graeme Kissell ~ Bus Driver

Jennah Ferris - Educator

Kaiella Bulled ~ Trainee Receptionist

Karen Firebrace ~ Educator

Kylie Goddard - Lead Educator Afterschool/Holiday Program

Leona Cooper ~ Early Years Manager

Marley Day ~ Kinder Assistant

Sharni Celli ~ Educational Leader

Sissy Cooper ~ Koori Pre School Assistant

Skye Cemino - Educator

Tamika Morgan ~ Cook

Therese Shelley ~ Lead Educator Toddlers

Best Start Co-Ordinator

Tina Thompson