Empowering our Aboriginal Community


Njernda’s purpose is to deliver community controlled, holistic services and programs which improve the physical, emotional, cultural and spiritual wellbeing of the Aboriginal Community of Echuca and surrounding areas.

Njernda will do this by:

  • Regularly providing opportunities for Community members to come together for socialisation and to celebrate being Aboriginal.
  • Continuing to support Aboriginal people every day.
  • Supporting our Elders / mentors / role models to provide leadership and direction to our children and young people, to help them become strong in culture, spirit and Community, and to enhance future generations.
  • Delivering services in a safe environment.
  • Promoting self empowerment and self determination.
  • Using continuous improvement strategies to ensure that Community can access the best evidence based programs.



At all times the Njernda Aboriginal Corporation will endeavour to:

  • act in such a way that others are treated with respect, empathy, compassion, fairness,
  • justness and cultural sensitivity.
  • act professionally
  • maintain confidentiality
  • be accountable
  • be informative and helpful
  • approach their work with passion and commitment
  • maintain a sense of humour