Community Engagement Unit

The Njernda Community Hub located at 74 Annesley Street, Echuca is open to all community members and offers a place to sit and have a yarn

Services available:

SAAP Housing and Crisis Team, Local Community Justice, Youth Justice Program and Services, Domestic Family Violence (Male & Female), Health and Wellbeing Information, Community Engagement Programs, Cultural and Community based initiatives.

Open Monday to Thursday 8.30am ~ 4.30pm and Friday 8.30am ~ 4pm

Phone: 54806 252

Youth Justice Program

Our youth justice program is developed to assist in reducing the retention rates of our indigenous youth becoming involved within the justice system. We have programs developed to raise awareness and educate youth in many aspects of the justice system and work closely with several departments to ensure its success. Youth Justice also coordinates, camps, youth groups and other initiatives to ensure our youth are engaged within the program

Community Justice Program

Local Community Justice is implemented to assist and ensure the community is well supported when dealing with the Sherriff, local police and court. The main basis of the position is to operate the Community Based Orders program and ensure appropriate places are offered to each participant. The Justice Worker works closely with the Sherriff who visits monthly to discuss fines and warrants and support is offered when dealing with warrants and other issues with the Police. Community Justice works closely with the Victorian Aboriginal Legal Service (VALS) who are the main court providers and we offer support to clients who may require additional assistance.

Support Accommodation Assistance Program (SAAP)

SAAP (Supported Accommodation Assistance Program) is designed to assist community in supporting applications for housing and information on what is required when applying for and securing suitable accommodation. We have two support workers available to assist you with applications, bond assistance, emergency accommodation and other aspects within the housing industry. Crisis support can offer short term accommodation assistance and other support programs that is subject to eligibility depending on given circumstances.

Family Violence Unit (Male and Female)

We have two Family Violence workers who deal with both Men and Women individually, they are also both focussed on families as a main priority ensuring any gaps in the system are closed. Several programs are run throughout the year and ongoing support is offered on a needs basis to both individual clients and family groups.

Family Violence Brochure

Youth Health and Wellbeing

This is a new position for 2018 and we will focus on all youth aged from 5 – 25 years to offer targeted programs to assist and support within the education, employment, health and wellbeing sectors. A youth council will be developed to ensure our youth are empowered with their own future and several programs will be initiated from this council. We envisage to raise awareness on several key health issues and discuss openly many topics that affect the health and wellbeing of our local youth.

Community Engagement Program

Has been developed to ensure community based programs are developed and run throughout the year. Currently we are offering several programs and activities during the holiday period to engage our young people within the community. This will further expand as we become more involved in many other key community events run within the indigenous and non-indigenous community.

HACC/PYP/CHSP Program (Located at Njernda Medical)

HACC PYP will provide entry level support for these people who are living at home to help maximise their independence.CHSP will provide entry level support for these people who are living at home to help maximise their independence. CHSP services can improve your well being and help you stay independent.

HACC/PYP Brochure and CHSP Brochure