Youth Services

Phone: (03) 5481 0630
103-107 Hare Street, Echuca

Services available:

Youth Justice Program

Our youth justice program is developed to assist in reducing the retention rates of our indigenous youth becoming involved within the justice system. We have programs developed to raise awareness and educate youth in many aspects of the justice system and work closely with several departments to ensure its success. Youth Justice also coordinates, camps, youth groups and other initiatives to ensure our youth are engaged within the program

Community Justice Program

Local Community Justice is implemented to assist and ensure the community is well supported when dealing with the Sherriff, local police and court. The main basis of the position is to operate the Community Based Orders program and ensure appropriate places are offered to each participant. The Justice Worker works closely with the Sherriff who visits monthly to discuss fines and warrants and support is offered when dealing with warrants and other issues with the Police. Community Justice works closely with the Victorian Aboriginal Legal Service (VALS) who are the main court providers and we offer support to clients who may require additional assistance.

Koori Kids Engagement Officer

The officer assists and supports children and young people within the education, employment, health and wellbeing sectors. We engage with youth to ensure they are empowered and work to raise awareness on key health issues and discuss openly many topics that affect the health and wellbeing of our local youth.