Baroona Wattleseed

Njernda’s Baroona Wattleseed is a social enterprise project that began as an idea.

It is now driven by a vision – of a business that supports our Mob, shares our culture, and preserves our traditions and knowledge for future generations.

Our Wattleseed is locally grown, harvested and packaged on our 320-acre farm Baroona, on Wollithiga (Echuca) Yorta Yorta country.

Commercial production and sales began in 2022 and the plantation continues to grow. Each of the many species offers subtle variations of the earthy coffee aromatic flavours of wattleseed, with hints of sweet spices and chocolate.

Wattleseed enhances and complements cakes, breads, biscuits, pastries, pasta, ice-cream, pancakes, marinades, curries, dry rubs, scones, panna cotta, crème brûlées, coffee and milkshakes.

Not only does it pack a complimentary punch to any recipe or beverage, it is a nutrient powerhouse. Wattleseed is full of iron, high in dietary fibre and protein, gluten free and certified as a low glycemic index (GI) food.

Every pod we pick, every seed we separate, every package we seal, is done on Country with pride.

We acknowledge and respect the journey our ancestors paved for us so we can provide you with the opportunity to experience a little of what we have to offer.


For orders and information contact Mark Colville or phone (0408) 350 980

Or visit our growing list of distribution partners to purchase Baroona Wattleseed:

  • Monkee and Co 531 High Street, Echuca
  • Port of Echuca Discovery Centre, 74 Murray Esplanade, Echuca
  • Let’s Do Coffee, 234 Pakenham Street, Echuca