Complaints And Compliments

If you need to report an accident or incident, please do so using Njernda’s Incident Report Form which is located on the intranet.

Njernda Aboriginal Corporation is committed to providing high quality care and services and meeting client needs. We value your feedback including complaints.

Please use this form if you would like to provide feedback or a complaint in relation to:

  • 1. Services provided by Njernda Aboriginal Corporation or onsite; or
  • 2. Behaviour or actions of Njernda Aboriginal Corporation Board members, CEO, staff members or contractors.


    Section 1: Your details


    No (go to Section 3)Yes

    Section 2: Feedback made on another person’s behalf

    Please provide the following details about the person you are acting on behalf of:


    Please provide details of your relationship to the person you are acting on behalf of.(e.g. parent of a child under 18 years or guardian




    Section 3: Please provide details of the service that the feedback or complaint is about

    Section 4: Please state your concerns

    Please provide details of your main concerns, including what led you to making the feedback or complaint, approximate dates and who was involved.


    Section 5: What action have you already taken in relation to this feedback or complaint?


    Section 6: What outcomes would you like to see because of providing your feedback or complaint?